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Oct 18, 2023

Question: Reasonable doubt is doubt based upon reason: that which would make a reasonable person hesitate to act in connection with important affairs in life. "Proof beyond a reasonable doubt" is a high standard, but not one that leaves no doubt at all. It is the standard to which a prosecution must prove every element of a charged offense. Do you think this is a good standard for criminal cases? Why or why not? What standard would be better? What standard would be worse?

You are required to make an initial response to the posted questions and reply to at least two (2) of your peer`s posted answers. The purpose of these discussion forums is to promote online learning, facilitate discussion on meaningful topics, and exchange ideas that normally take place in the classroom environment. Single word answers or sentences are not sufficient to satisfy the elements of this requirement. For maximum scores, discussion board answers should be thorough, answer the question, and the student should defend their answer by citing sources.

Word length does not include references. Discussion board posts will follow APA format.

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