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Mar 30, 2023

Subject Code & Title : EDC208-3 Quality In The Early Years
Length : 750 words in length (+/-10%).
What is a patchwork assessment and why are we using it in this unit?
“The essence of a patchwork is that it consists of a variety of small sections, each of which is complete in itself, and that the overall unity of these component sections, although planned in advance, is finalized retrospectively, when they are ‘stitched together’.” Winter 3,000 words. Each patch must be 750 words in length (+/-10%). Each patch will have separate reference list please see what reference I need for each. For the patch number 3 and 4 I will upload the data which will be examine in the patch. This you need to do with the data: DESCRIBE 3 THINGS from the data : need s to think what data shows for the patch number 3 and 4
EDC208-3 Quality In The Early Years Assignment – UK.

ANALYSE: what factors might contribute to what this data shows? Why this data it is what it is?
EVALUATE: What does it means for the children or setting or practitioners?
What impact might this have on them?

The patch number 1 and 2 needs to answer the questions by describing, analysing, evaluating for this patches you don`t have any data!!!!!

1.Claxton and Carr (2004) recommend that practitioners develop a potentiating environment. Reflect on what this looks like and means for children in any chosen age group within the EYFS.

2.Additional patch option on Covid and Quality

How might the Covid 19 pandemic have affected children’s well being and how might this be a continuing issue impacting on the quality children’s learning in early childhood settings?

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds did not always have access to the variety of toys at home that they do in an early years setting, the briefing found.

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