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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : ENG742S1 M24344 Control Systems
Assignment Type : Coursework 1
Aim : The aim of this assignment is to determine the transfer function of a servo set system, representing a Radar Scanner system using time response techniques and design a velocity feedback controller to achieve the required specifications of the position feedback control system. Root-locus technique will be used to analyse the system performance improved with the introduction of a velocity feedback.

Assessment Guidelines :
You will be marked solely on the content of the report. Please make sure that the work you submit is clear, comprehensive and well presented. Presentation that is either untidy, or lacks mathematical precision, will be penalized. Finally, you should read this coursework brief in full so that you are aware of the tasks ahead. In general you should be familiar with time response analysis. You will be required to demonstrate an understanding of the theory of first and second order responses via the results and experimental data provided. You also should be familiar with Root-Locus method. You will use MATLAB as a simulation package to produce time response graphs that will be the basis for your assessment. Your graphs should be well presented (neat, clear and contain all necessary information). It is very important to focus your effort on producing results, interpreting and offering explanations, analysis and conclusions where appropriate.

ENG742S1 M24344 Control Systems Coursework 1 – Portsmouth University UK.

Radar Scanner System :
Introduction: A company has built a laboratory model of a proposed radar scanner in order to assess its performance prior to building a full-scale version. The scanner system is shown in Figure 1 below:

The servo set representing the Radar Scanner system (supplied by Valeac Company) is shown in Figure 2 below:

The system is the combination of an amplifier, servomotor, gearbox and flywheel, with associated electronics allowing various angular displacements, velocities and accelerations to be monitored. The bock diagram of the servo set system is shown in Figure 3 below:

The system is subjected to a 5 volts step input. The actuator response is recorded in the data set Set 1_1 and the overall system response at the flywheel output is recorded in Set 1_2.

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