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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : ENG742s1 P24344 Control Systems
Assignment Type : Coursework 2
1 Aims :
The aim of this coursework is to design controllers with a variety of techniques for the Servo set servo-mechanism used in the first coursework fulfilling stability and performance requirements, and evaluate them through simulation. The closed-loop system should aim to achieve:

• a rise time of 5 seconds, or better;
• 15% overshoot to a step input or better; and
• minimal oscillation on the step response

Please note, the different sets of experimental data were obtained from Servo set hardware with different capabilities and limitations. Data sets are provided for this coursework to obtain models in the form of transfer functions for the purpose of performance analysis and controllers design. The above specification is intended as a guide, and you should try to achieve the best performance that you can, whether it is better than the specification, or slightly worse.

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