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Sep 08, 2023

Question 1

The didactic principles are general norms through which are projected, organized, and put the activities of teaching-learning-evaluating into practice so that the functioning of the objectives/competencies should become efficient at the level of the educational dimension.

  • Explain with applicable relevant examples how would you apply the following didactical principle in teaching the topic “The circular flow”.
  • Planning
  • Totality
  • Individualization and differentiation
  • Motivation

Question 2

The process of learning is both easier and more difficult than we might have thought! It is easier because all people actively think about their worlds and all learners have some knowledge that can be used in the learning-teaching situation. It is harder because coming to know about something entails far more than acquiring and memorizing facts and therefore, we cannot teach learners by simply telling them things. There are three possible strategies to move learners from the unknown to the known:

  • Guessing: learning by taking risks and making mistakes.
  • Questioning: listening to learner questions and asking good questions.
  • Imagining: using metaphors and analogies to constitute the unknown

Choose a topic from Economics and management science grade 9 learners and explain how you would use the questioning method to assist learners to learn from the unknown to the known. In your answer:

  • You should briefly explain four different kinds of questions and formulate two questions for each kind.
  • You should indicate how you would listen and respond to learner questions while teaching the topic.
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