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Oct 18, 2023

Managerial Accounting

Purpose: Students are required to develop their understanding of the types of management accounting information that assists managers in organisational planning and control purposes. You need to critically evaluate the literature (using journal articles) and online newspapers and business magazines to determine the practical use of management accounting information by contemporary organisations, and their relevance to decision-making by managers and achievement of business goals.

Assignment Task: You are required to conduct a literature search for this assignment, cite your sources and provide a full reference list

Part A
a) Discuss the value managerial accounting bring to organisations? Include examples from the academic literature to support your answer.

The next task requires you to identify a recent development or news that would affect 21st century businesses, and in turn, influence management accountants` role in businesses.

Choose one article published recently in a newspaper or a business magazine (not an academic journal article) that has reported an issue that would impact business operations - in general or a specific industry, in any country. Articles (online) to be published from July 2021 - current in any country

Questions to answer:
b) Appropriateness of the article chosen. No answer required from students

c) Was it difficult to select the article? Yes or No and explain.

d) What specific issue(s) the selected article has reported, and what was interesting about it?

e) Demonstrate with examples why you consider the information in (d) as relevant to managerial accountants in 21st century businesses? i.e. How will the reported information influence management accountants` work?

f) Based on your findings in this part of the assignment, (i.e. Part A), provide two (2) recommendations to inform businesses about the role of managerial accounting in 21st century businesses.

a) Evaluate the extent of ABC system adoption in Australian firms. Include in your answer:
- the factors for adoption success by Australian firms (3 marks); and
- the factors for non-adoption and/or slow adoption by Australian firms (3 marks);
- any two (2) specific real case examples as evidence. (4 marks)

b) Based on your findings, and in your opinion, to what extent is ABC system being implemented in Australia? Justify your answer. (2 marks)

"Maximum 1500 words."

Assignment Structure:
The assignment should include the following components:
a. Assignment cover page clearly stating your name and student number
b. Abstract (one paragraph)
c. Table of contents
d. A brief introduction or overview of what the assignment is about.
e. Body of the assignment with appropriate section headings
f. Conclusion
g. List of References (follow the Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing guidelines on pg. 1-2)

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