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Sep 28, 2023



This research study aims to analyze and rank professors at three different universities based on the probabilities of student graduation and publication. The study involves tracking a select group of professors over the course of their employment at their respective universities and evaluating their influence on student outcomes. The research examines data from the three universities and calculates the following probabilities: overall probability of student graduation, overall probability of student publication, overall probability of student publication given graduation, probability of student graduation for each professor, probability of student publication for each professor, and probability of student publication given graduation for each professor. Professors are ranked within each university for each of these probabilities, and an overall ranking is determined.


The primary objective of this study is to investigate the impact of professors on student outcomes, specifically focusing on graduation and publication rates. Higher education institutions play a pivotal role in shaping students’ academic and professional trajectories. Within these institutions, professors serve as influential figures in students’ educational journeys. While it is well-established that professors play a crucial role in facilitating learning, the extent of their impact on two critical student outcomes—graduation and publication—is an area that warrants deeper exploration.Understanding the influence of professors on these outcomes is of paramount importance for universities seeking to enhance the quality of education and research they offer. By quantifying the probabilities associated with graduation and publication, we can shed light on which professors may be more effective in helping students achieve these milestones.

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