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Project Management

Assessment instruction:
LO 1: Determine the client`s project goals, the stakeholders and the project risks.
LO 2: Prepare project plans to meet project objectives and requirements.
LO 3: Develop documentation to achieve project objectives within time, cost and quality parameters.
LO 4: Recommend appropriate management tools for monitoring and control of projects.
LO 5: Communicate project plans and updates with stakeholders.


Building on your project case study, you are a project manager for the case study, and are now required to prepare the entire project plan (i.e. the project goals, scope, schedule, resources, budget, risks, implementation, monitoring and control, performance evaluation and closure). Base your responses on current recommended practice, as described in contemporary literature and personal research into the industry of the case study. The focus is to be on the selection of appropriate theory tools and techniques not how accurate your budget, schedule and resourcing are.

Task details

Case Study: My Little Plastic Footprint app


Supported by UN Environment, the My Little Plastic Footprint app offers dozens of pledges you can take to reduce your plastic usage including committing to natural and plastic-free clothing and applying coral-reef safe sunscreen. It provides information on plastic-free alternatives and the best zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle practices. Get inspired by plastic-free heroes such as marine consultant and diver Pierre-Yves Cousteau and free diving record holder Nanja van den Broek. With more than 10,000 downloads and 340 reviews, this is one of the more popular sustainable lifestyle apps available. Rated G, it`s also great for educating kids too on their plastic footprint!

The app is available on 4 platforms;
- iPhone
- iPad
- Android

Web: It is accessible through My Little Plastic Footprint.

The app features include but are not limited to:

- Welcome to your plastic diet Create a profile and find out what the plastic footprint of your area is and what you can do to help improve it.

- Discover the right alternatives: My Little Plastic Footprint focuses on plastic items found in the main areas of our daily lives. With every item you add to your diet, you will discover a sustainable alternative that you must achieve.

- Reduce your plastic mass index (PMI): To calculate your plastic footprint, we have created the Plastic Mass Index (PMI). The PMI is a measure to calculate your contribution to plastic pollution. The closer your PMI is to zero, the less you contribute; the closer your PMI gets to 100, the more you contribute. By going on a plastic diet, you will reduce your PMI.

- Support: With the user`s donation, they keep working on creating awareness about the impact of plastic on the environment and our health.

The My Little Plastic Footprint app is available through the web, Android, and iOS systems and can be accessed through computer desktops, laptops, smartphones, and iPads.

The developer contemplates that there is still room for improvement in the My Little Plastic Footprint App to increase the number of downloads and usability of the App. The developer wants to improve the app in a way that interests almost all age groups such as younger and older generations, people from different sectors (public and private or small, medium and large companies, schools, universities, etc.) and those who care about the impact they make on the planet but have no idea where to start. This is where your knowledge and capabilities, analytical and problem-solving skills, research ability and teamwork and leadership skills will assist you.

Your role

As the Project Manager, you will play a lead in this project by

1. Individually assessing the current situation, evaluating the problem and proposing project goals and a project scope.

2. Preparing a project management plan.

Your expertise is in the management of projects and your ability to bring the key stakeholders together and to deliver projects that fulfill the project brief, requirements, and business goals. You have strong risk management skills, which will be useful in a project such as this with tight time frames and a small budget.

While the aim of the improvement project for My Little Plastic Footprint App is to expand their service offerings, increase their audience by 25%, and increase their public awareness by 25%, your role is to ensure their will achieve it. You are not involved in whether they have the business skills to deliver on this.

Your role will be to coordinate the app re-design (or improving the current design), sourcing, procurement, delivery, and testing new features. You will need to rely on other people to deliver the work including the App developer; suppliers, contractors; the Industrial Body responsible for technical compliance certification, cybersecurity and other standards. While you have learned a lot as a future project manager, you have not worked on a similar project before, so to support you, you have arranged to have an industry consultant available should you need advice.

In the first meeting held with the app`s owner, the Contractors and other key stakeholders, the issue was raised as to how to attract more audience to the app. The Contractor also raised the technical issues of useability, ease of use, the content presentation etc. The consultant also indicated that issues relating to feedback mechanism by users, regular updates and support, marketing and promotion, cross-platform availability, personalisation, app speed, security as main concerns that must be addressed in this project.

In order to ensure that the app improvement project meets the required compliance certification, the app developer is also seeking certificates relating to age rating, security certification, privacy certification, platform-sepcpfic certification. These certifications are vital for the successful launch of the project including `developing and testing` new features. All these safety controls haveassociated coststhat will need to be factored into the project budget plan.

As shown in Table 1, thewhole project can be divided into four main project delivery stages. If the project is not completed on time, Contractors will incur a daily penalty of $300 that is to be paid to the owners.


The owner wants you to apply a hybrid waterfall-agile method of project management. It will be your responsibility to see where to apply the waterfall technique or the agile technique.

Read your project case study carefully. As you work through the following tasks, identify any areas where you do not yet have sufficient information, and may need to ask further questions from your project sponsor.

1. Project goals and scope: Develop a set of relevant and achievable goals appropriate for the project described in the Case Study. Write a brief scope statement for the Case Study project. Describe the processes and or methods you used to determine the scope of the project, (Approximately 400 words)

2. Project schedule: Prepare a schedule for the Case Study project, identifying the key milestones and resources required for successful completion of the Case Study project. Discuss the relative merits of the methods, tools and techniques used and compare these with any that you chose not to use. Describe in detail in your schedule plan for each activity and identify potential resourcing stress points for the `critical path` that will need careful management. Identify tools and techniques that might be used here. We expect you to draw an accurate CPM for this assignment. (Approximately 700 words)

3. Project budget: Develop an appropriate budget for the Case Study project. Include details of all assumptions you have made in preparing this budget. Explain, as a project manager, what actions you need to take to control the cost. (Approximately 500 words)

4. Project risk Identify project risk management tools and techniques. Do a quantitative and qualitative risk analysis and provide risk response techniques and strategies on how to track risks and associated tasks. (Approximately 600 words)

5. Implementation plan: Identify the conditions surrounding the Case Study project, required for successful implementation.This may include, but is not limited to, management structure, style and culture, levels and boundaries for authority and autonomy, personal skills, attributes and characteristics of those in the project team. (Approximately 500 words)

6. Monitoring and control process: Document how the Case Study project will be assessed, with emphasis on what will be monitored and controlled and by which techniques and tools. The areas of focus can be divided into internal and external criteria such as time, cost, resources, quality, and stakeholders. Include other areas you determine to be relevant for the successful management of the Case Study project. (Approximately 600 words)

7. Project performance evaluation: From your work on managing the project, identify and use the methods, tools, and techniques you would use to determine whether the Case Study project goals have been achieved. List the specific actions required to ensure the quality of your project. (Approximately 450 words)

8. Project closure: Identify the tools and steps required to close off the Case Study project and what activities should take place, post-project. What are the promising practices in motivating teams to share the lessons learned in their projects with others and encouraging new project teams to utilise existing lessons learned effectively? (Approximately 250 words)

To address the above areas, you are required to use the information provided in Table 1 of the case study and select and use the suitable form/s from the Reporting Forms folder located under the Assessment 3 tab.

• A report format is acceptable but must include an explanation of the approaches used throughout the project life cycle. Diagrams, charts, tables, and illustrations may be used to communicate or describe an approach. These should be supported by a written discussion and not relied upon to tell the story themselves.

• Assessment will be based on your discussion of tools and techniques considered and used to develop and manage the budget, the schedule and to estimate resources.

• Make sure you read the Assessment 3 marking criteria carefully before you start your work.

• Use APA referencing

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