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May 13, 2023
Three core concepts to economic geography are the friction of distance, the socially and spatially uneven nature of cost, and the central role that unequal access to power plays in economic decision making. In this final assignment, we explore those concepts by examining arguments for and against Amazon’s growth in a place of your choosing. Prepare a slide deck that includes 14 slides: (1) title slide; (2) slide mapping your place; (5) pro-Amazon slides; (5) anti-Amazon slides; (1) summary slide; and (1) citation of any written sources in addition to the images. For the pro- and anti-Amazon sections, we are asking you to see the debate over Amazon’s growth from two distinct points of view. Although these are slides, this project requires that you think carefully and critically about how you link images, evidence, and argument for or against. This slide deck should help us answer the question: How and why has social and spatial unevenness shaped the economic geographies of Amazon?
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