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Oct 14, 2023

Assignment: Tsunami PowerPoint

The following aspects of the Tsunami and/or earthquake, making special reference to the earthquake and/or Tsunami of significant magnitude that happened in any part of the world in 2023. The following are the topics you need to cover through the activity.

Question A. How are earthquakes caused? Explain the different types of seismic waves. How are they detected? How are earthquakes predicted? Why are tsunamis difficult to detect? What is a Tsunami? How are earthquakes and Tsunami`s related?

Question B. Describe the earthquake you have chosen. Make a PowerPoint presentation of the cause, origin, places hit, and the disaster caused by these events. Use maps, pictures and clear information in an organized manner.

Question C. Using appropriate visuals, discuss the social and economic impact of the Tsunami and/or the earthquakes on the people affected and the world in general.

Question D. How does this earthquake of your study compare with those of two previous years? What were the differences/similarities this time? Were there any forecasts or alerts? Describe them.

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