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May 12, 2023

Reflecting upon the various evidence-based strategies and interventions you discovered in this course, as well as the assessment instruments that you utilized throughout this course, create a list of your top three resources that you plan to incorporate into your practitioner tool kit for future use in the field. Explain why you made the selections that you did with regard to the contents of your practitioner’s tool kit. Summarize ways in which your emerging practitioner’s tool kit will be useful to you in the field and how it is of ethical importance.


Ecomaps: Video: How to Draw Ecomaps (8:20)
Genograms: Video: How to Draw Genograms (14:03)
Sociogram: PDF: Exploring Sociometric Models and Sociograms
Socigram: Template: Sociogram Template Word Document
Culturagram: Book Chapter: Diagramming Families for Assessment (specifically the Culturagram section of this reading)

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