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Oct 09, 2023

Assignment Question

Develop a cohesive critical analysis of one central question or observation in Sandra Cisneros’ Woman Hollering Creek using one of the Literary Critical Approaches. A critical essay requires focusing on a specific idea about the text and carefully building an argument (THESIS) to prove this idea with the identification and analysis of textual elements. Your analysis must use textual evidence to support your thinking. You will apply the analytical tools and literary/critical terms employed in class discussion to establish, structure, develop, and prove your argument. Remember, your THESIS should be specific and focused, and all of your thinking and evidence will work to support it in a unified and well-developed fashion. Use your voice and own style. Please be original and creative. Think deeply about the text(s) and your ideas to avoid general observations or claims. Choose one of the following topics to write and make it great. Topics: 1. Examine the role of women in various stories from the novel. What does this novel teach you about the role of women in American society? What types of roles do men/women have in the text? Do any stereotypical characterizations of men/women appear? What are the attitudes toward women held by the male characters? (Feminist Approach) 2. Examine the motivations of multiple characters and the symbolic meanings of events that occur in the novel. Consider critical terms such as double-consciousness, (internalized and systemic) oppression, exoticism, and focus on the psychoanalysis of characters and ideas expressed within the novel) (Psychological Approach) 3. Research and learn more about Sandra Cisneros’ life in order to make connections between the characters she creates in the novel with her biography. What is the author’s attitude toward women in society? Towards men? How can you connect the author’s life to his or her text? Are there common issues, events, concerns? (Biographical Approach) 4. Focus on the literary details of one or more of Cisneros’ stories to develop one central literary observation. Consider: characterization (round, flat, static, dynamic, foil, etc,), conflict, metaphor, theme, point of view, tone, voice, irony.

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