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Jul 25, 2023

Assessment Task

Students are advised to review and adhere to the submission requirements documented after the assessment task.


In the last decade and with the appearance of Big Data, companies that stored details of their clients are interested in applying data analysis methods to understand the behaviour of their customers and to make predictions that may help in future campaigns, promotions, communication and investing.

An important multinational company that manages car showrooms around the world, hires you as Business Consultant and facilitates for you a folder that holds a database called "cars_database" which contains data about the company, and a diagram to understand the structure of the database. The company aims to get valuable information and advice for future steps in the business.

Assessment Details

As a Business Consultant, you are required to:

Question 1) Extract information that you consider valuable for the business and represent with this at least 3 descriptive visualisations using Tableau.

Question 2) Find the total number of employees the company has and display a visualisation in Tableau showing the staff per country.

Question 3) Find two appropriate variables from different tables and extract the information to perform a linear regression model with that data identifying possible relationship between the variables (you can use Python or Excel to achieve this point). Explain the outcome and visualise the data using Tableau.

Question 4) Use an appropriate visualisation in Tableau to show the stock available per line of products.

Question 5) Use an appropriate visualisation to show the current order`s status.

Question 6) Find out the nationalities that are buying the cars in the different offices. Visualise this in Tableau showing the proportion per nationality in each showroom.

Question 7) Benchmarking is a common strategy in business to compare business processes and performance metrics. Use your data and try this strategy comparing the performance of this business with other car showrooms. Find suggestions/recommendations/weaknesses for this company based on the insights that you gained in the previous points. Write a report for the company that includes:
-Introduction to the car industry.
- The outcome of all the points requested by the company.
- Conclusions with your recommendations applying benchmarking.

Question 8) Create a separate document where you add all the reasoning behind your steps, the challenges you faced and how you solved them.

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