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Mar 30, 2023

Aims of assessment:
1.To support you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and planning improvements where needed
2.To help to ensure that you start career planning right from the beginning of your studies at University
3.To develop your capacity to continuously reflect on your progress and build independence
FYU012-0 Studying For Higher Education Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Support for the development of your assessment

Available assessment guidance and development Sessions in this unit prior to submission will focus on supporting you in developing the key knowledge and skills you need to produce an effective assignment You will get the chance to review drafts in class.

Additional support available from tutor/s Office hours are available. Please email your tutor to arrange a meeting or sign up for office hours. If you require an extension due to mitigating circumstances please use the guidance in your course handbook and contact SID.

Relevant support available from PAD Before you start your assignment you may wish to visit PAD’s Study Hub Online site on BREO. You will find guidance and resources on completing your assignments there.

Learning outcomes and threshold criteria: Unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria covered by this assessment.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to study effectively, taking responsibility for your own learning and your personal development Demonstrate your use of appropriate academic study skills to enhance your learning and personal development and apply when responding to assessment tasks

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