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Aug 19, 2023


  • Introduce the activity/outing you the writer are going to discuss.
  • Provide an overview of the Nursing Process and why it is used within care.
  • Outline the aims of the assignment.

Planning: In this section discuss the following

  • Overview of client/clients.
  • Assessment of client/clients’ needs in relation to their activities of daily living, with reference made to clients’ care plan.
  • Level of dependence/independence and its impact on client and HCW.
  • Consultation with the client and respect for the client decisions, outlining the importance of autonomy and involvement.
  • Illustrate effective communication with supervisor/team members in planning activity and gain permission from supervisor.
  • Equipment required to allow the client/clients to participate in the activity.
  • Organisation of appropriate transport and/or staff (if appropriate).
  • Time of activity.
  •  Ensure that the place you intend to visit etc. is appropriate. o [i.e. does it have wheelchair toilets? are there steep stairs]
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