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Apr 04, 2023

Subject Code & Title : HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society
Assessment Type : Assignment
Assessment Brief:
Please read this assessment brief carefully and ask your Module Leader (Paula Smith) about anything you don’t understand. You can ask questions during sessions; at the Module/Assessment Launch; using the forum on Moodle; or by emailing the Module Leader:
HEL3008 Health & Wellbeing in Society Assignment – Birmingham City University UK.

There are two items of assessment for this module:
Group Presentation: Copy of Group Presentation and Record of Group Working (75% of module mark) to be uploaded to Moodle before midday on Thursday th September 2020.

Students will work in groups of 3.  Each student will contribute 5 minutes to the overall 15 minute presentation to ensure that they meet learning outcomes 1- 3.

Written piece (25% of module mark) to be submitted via Moodle before midday on Monday st September 2020.

600 word written piece demonstrating achievement of learning outcome 4.


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