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May 11, 2023

The final assignment (8-10 substantive pages – excludes cover page and references) requires you to critically propose an innovative way to empirically study an international or transnational issue
Research Question: How do cross-border networks and regional dynamics contribute to the persistence of sex trafficking in Asia, and what are the implications for efforts to combat this transnational problem?
Cover Page (1 page
Abstract (1 page)
150 words (maximum and optional)
A list of 3-5 keywords
Introduction (1 page)
Tell me what you are going to tell me.
Literature Review (3 pages)
Describe and analyze 3 main issues within your topic you think we should know, to move forward and better understand this phenomenon. Do NOT use first-person language here.
Topic/Issue 1
Topic/Issue 2
Topic/Issue 3
Closing Paragraph and Arguments
Based on the scholarly resources you found, briefly discuss the empirical gaps in your topic.
Describe what you propose to add to the existing evidence.
Theory (1/2 page)
Refer to the textbook suggested by Instructor or use your own.[1] If you have not taken a theory course before, DO NOT PANIC, give it a try!
Briefly present the theoretical explanations and main conceptual definitions offered by an existing criminological theory.
Be sure to cite the author of the original theory you are using
(e.g.: if you discuss social disorganization theory, you should cite Shaw and McKay, 1942).
After you define the theoretical framework, discuss and apply the framework to your phenomenon.
Methods (3 pages)
Follow the grading rubric beginning on page 10 in this syllabus, to understand how this final proposal will be graded, and what elements learned this semester you should include. Be sure to justify all your selections and that the overall method is logical throughout the research process, based on our readings and DBs. It is okay to use first-person language here (e.g., I will, I plan to…).
Research Design
(Cross-sectional or longitudinal, and why?)
Research Approach
(Quantitative, qualitative, or both, and why?)
Research Question(s) and Hypothesis(es)
Data Collection Method
(Interviews, surveys, etc.…, and why?)
Sampling Strategy
(Nonprobability or probability, and why?)
Data Management
(Refer to the DB on ways to do this.)
Data Analysis
(NVivo, SPSS, etc.…, and why?)
Ethical Considerations (1/2 – 1 page)

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