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Oct 19, 2023

Question 1) Explain the differences between viruses, worms, Trojans, and ransomware.

Question 2) How do you identify potential indicators of malware in network traffic or system logs?

Question 3) Describe common methods that malware uses to propagate and infect systems.

Question 4) What are some common signs or symptoms of a malware infection on an endpoint or network?

Question 5) What is the importance of keeping antivirus definitions and signatures up to date in a security environment?

Question 6) Walk me through the steps you would take to analyze a suspicious file or email attachment for malware.

Question 7) What is sandboxing, and how can it be used in the analysis of potentially malicious files or programs?

Question 8) Explain the concept of "zero-day" vulnerabilities and their relevance to malware attacks.

Question 9) How can you differentiate between a false positive and a true positive when detecting malware alerts?

Question 10) What is a honeytrap or honeypot, and how can it be used to detect and analyze malware?

Question 11) Discuss the importance of threat intelligence feeds and how they can aid in identifying new malware threats.

Question 12) How do you handle a situation where a malware infection is confirmed on a critical system in your organization?

Question 13) What steps would you take to contain and mitigate the impact of a malware outbreak in a network?

Question 14) Explain the purpose and benefits of creating and maintaining an incident response plan related to malware incidents.

Question 15) What role does user awareness training play in preventing malware infections, and how would you promote it within an organization?

Question 16) Have you worked with any specific malware analysis tools or platforms, and if so, which ones are you familiar with?

Question 17) Can you describe a recent malware incident you`ve dealt with or analyzed, and walk me through the steps you took to resolve it?

Question 18) How do you stay updated on the latest malware threats and trends in the cybersecurity landscape?

Question 19) What certifications or training related to malware analysis do you possess or plan to pursue?

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