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Oct 14, 2023

Discussion Post

Read the post below and provide suggestions for the obstacles the post below have identified. Share what has worked for you in past courses or suggest a resource or study skill that might help your classmates be successful in overcoming their challenges. Remember to include resources that are available through the College`s Library Learning services, online, and/or through a mobile device.

How I understand homeostasis is it is where your body can maintain a healthy concentration of whatever function it needs to maintain. My example is blood glucose or as most people know it blood sugar, normal blood glucose is 80 to 120. Two hormones help with this regulation that are produced by the pancreas, insulin, and glucagon. If the blood glucose is too high, the pancreas will release insulin to help get the blood glucose back to a homeostatic range. In turn, if the blood glucose is too low the pancreas with release glucagon to help get the blood glucose to level to the homeostatic range.

I believe the biggest obstacles that I am going to have to deal with while going to school are time management and family. Right now, I work a 24-hour 48-hour schedule, which means that I work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. In my 24-hour workday, there are times when I hardly get any sleep or a lot of downtime to be able to get schoolwork done or get be able to get enough sleep to be able to do well on my schoolwork. On the first day off from my 24-hour, I almost need the whole day to sleep to be able to get going, so my husband and I have concluded that I will go down to PRN so that I can arrange my schedule around school. The other obstacle is my family, is that I am a mother to 3 grown women who have blessed me with 7 grandchildren, two of them making their appearances for the first time this year. My family is my world, so I will have to make some sacrifices to reach my goal, a nurse working in Hawaii by the time I am 55 years old. I have 5 years to complete this huge and well-deserved accomplishment!

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