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May 01, 2023
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      The recruitment and hiring process in an organization influences the overall organizational performance. This process is the part of HR management that needs to be taken care of for sustainable relations development with the employees. Wilson Bros is a known name in the prepared food markets in the Canadian Industry. The company has a reputation for service excellence and an exceptional work environment. The sales margin of the Wilson Bros products has been falling in recent years because of the competitive pricing aspects. Competitors of the company are gaining the market share, and therefore, the customer`s numbers are reducing in recent times. Therefore, the company must attempt to adopt different mediums for selling its products. Getting the federal government contract for the company`s food services could enhance the brand value and customers trust of Wilson Bros. The definitive laws and regulations come with the government contract that ranges from employment to the work cultural aspects in organization. This report aims to analyze the legislation in the Ontario federal government that will give insight into the company operations regarding their HR policy development. The most crucial legislation for the government contract would be Ontario Human Right Code (1990) and Federal Employment Equity Code (1995).

      Major Provisions Of These Codes Impacting The Recruitment And Selection Of Employees

      Ontario Human Right Code (1990)

      The Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990 covers multiple aspects of human rights, ranging in services, accommodation, contracts, employment, reprisals, and many more. The employment regulations are stated in section 5(1) of this act. According to 5(1) section of the law- “Every person has a right to equal treatment concerning employment without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, the record of offenses, marital status, family status or disability.” ("Human Rights Code"). Discrimination-free recruitment and hiring process is encouraged by this act for the firms working in Ontario. Any discrimination based on the above- mentioned grounds can cause legal problems for the companies working in this province. The act also explains different levels of hiring and recruitment requirement for companies. The section 5 states that the organizations must attract the talent through application forms where the job responsibilities will be stated. The qualification for the job is to be mentioned directly or indirectly and there would be no place for the discrimination of the above grounds. The interview and qualification must not have the elements of discrimination within the employment process. Equal treatment is expected for all the candidates on the ground of employment and the employment agency must not discriminate the candidates under the prohibited ground of discrimination. These are the major aspects of employment that are related to the act. Wilson Bros are trying to get the federal government contract, so there would be the need for extra staffing for the new projects. Complying with these regulations is necessary to avoid legal animalities within the project.


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