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Sep 19, 2023

Human Resource Management

Level: 5


John Lewis axes staff bonus and plan to cut jobs, Dempsey,Jemma, BBC news

As a Human Resource Management Consultant, you have been invited by John Lewis & Partners to advise them on the possibility of restructuring their HR practices in order to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Linking relevant theories on SHRM, and the role of SHRM in creating a high-performance organisation, you are required to complete the tasks below:

Question 1. Drawing on Storey`s model, critically discuss the main differences between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

Question 2. Examine the companys strategic priorities and their implications for HRM (LO2)

Question 3. Using SHRM models that you think fit, critically discuss the company`s "Model of Employment", and explore the organizational levers available to manage human resources in such a way as to contribute to sustainable competitive advantage. (LO3)

Question 4. Critically explore its organisational culture and its impact on the company`s SHRM. (LO4)

Report to enable students to demonstrate their understanding on the concepts and key functions of HR in organizations and how various strategic HR models in supporting the effective management of organizations

Presentation &Style. Clarity of expression (incl. accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and numeracy).

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