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Oct 18, 2023

Strategic Management

The selected topic is Disney`s acquisition of marvel for successful And For failed microsoft`s acquisition of nokia

Learning Outcome: In this Assignment, student should be able to do a Research on corporate performance using e-library

Identify a company who have done a successful Acquisition Identify a company who failed in implementing Acquisition The Presentation should cover the following points:

1. Brief background about the companies

2. Comparison and Discussion on type of Acquisition Strategy implemented by the companies

3. Evaluating the impact of the implemented strategy on Company`s overall performance

4. Identify the Key issues that made implementation of Acquisition successful and failure for each company

5. Give suggestion as to how to implement Acquisition successfully

Bullet points only in the ppt and the main paragraph in the script.

Make it colorful, attractive, and creative.

Add images and infographic.

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Total: GBP120

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