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Oct 20, 2023

While attending a local conference, Mary, LMSW, runs into Bob, LMSW, a close and dear friend from graduate school (MSW) who helped her through school. Without his help and support to overcome some challenges, it would have been difficult for Mary to make it through the program. After school Bob helped Mary through the licensing process and has continued to be a source of support and encouragement. Mary is very fond of Bob and sees him as a very good social worker. After catching up, Bob tells Mary that he is now the chief therapist and supervisor of all clinical services in a substance use disorder treatment program. He tells Mary that he is in a relationship with a terrific woman, a former client referred by the local court to his SUD group therapy. They are now involved in a close intimate (i.e., sexual) relationship. Noticing the concern on Mary`s face, he tries to put her at ease by telling her that, even though he liked the woman from their first meeting, he waited until treatment with him ended 2 months ago. Nonetheless, she is still a client at the clinic as she finishes her mandatory probation requirements. Bob states that now she comes to treatment only once a month for an after-care sessions with another therapist. Following the meeting, Mary feels conflicted about what she heard and considers how to proceed.

1. Identify all the social work ethics and values represented in the case example. This includes both ethics that are being met and ethics that are not being met.

2. For ethical violations give reasons why you believe they are violations.

3. Does this case example illustrate any violations of social work values or ethics? if so, what are the violations and which ethics or values have been violated?

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