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Apr 13, 2023
    • QUESTION 1:

      Illustrate how Gross Domestic Product is measured and discuss problems in measuring it.

      QUESTION 2:

      Briefly discuss the changes brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic and the implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on economic globalization.

      QUESTION 3:

      Briefly outline your understanding of the Bretton Woods Order – what was Bretton Woods?

      QUESTION 4:

      Contrast Third World debt with First World debt. What are the differences between the Bretton Woods era (1948 – 1972) and the Liberalisation era (1973 – 2008)?

      QUESTION 5:

      Are global imbalances a result of a world savings glut and manipulation by Chinese authorities or a U.S. mortgage market so awash with cash that you could get a 100 percent mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets? Set out the basic arguments.

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