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May 19, 2023
Written Assignment #1 for HCR 212
As you learned in Chapter 3: Government’s Role in U.S. Health Care, funding for local health departments comes from their state government, the federal government, in addition to direct funding from Centers for Disease Control, reimbursement from other programs like Medicaid and Medicare, private health insurance and fees for services.
The following source used by your textbook author in this section of Chapter 3, NACCHO, 2019. Local health department responsibilities, notes that ‘all health departments play a critical role in life-saving decisions and life-sustaining activities for emergency personnel and the general public.’
Please answer the following prompt* in a 1 to 1 ½ page short essay for this assignment. Double space [DS] and use Times New Roman 12-point font and include at least one reference, cited in text and in a reference section at the end of your paper:
*In the context of the 21st century pandemic, do you feel as though there was a crisis management plan in place for this event at the local levels? If yes, explain. If not, how can we ensure better preparation to address such catastrophic events?
Consider addressing: Basic ethical and economic dimensions of health care and public health policy and the roles, influences and responsibilities of the different agencies and branches of government.
Points Possible=15
Skilled 3-5
Developing 2-3
Needs Work 0-1
Structure and Organization=5
Organization of essay is sequential with well developed paragraphs and smooth and effective transitions
Organization, while attempted, lacks structure; Some evidence of transitions from one topic or thought to another
Absence of support for main idea; unable to grasp topic; paragraph structure does not exist; fragmented with run-on sentences
Mechanics and Presentation=5
Virtually free of punctuation, spelling, capitalization errors, appropriate format following directions for 12-point Times New Roman font and DS & 1 reference
A few grammatical and/or spelling errors; follows some of the required formatting but falls short on either page length or quality of reference/s
Frequent errors in spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc. Little to no formatting per assignment instructions
Point-of-View; answers all parts of prompt=5
Covers prompt thoroughly and expresses ideas sufficiently
Partially covers prompt as assigned
Fails to express personal point of view; no evident awareness of main point

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