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May 30, 2023
Respond to discussion post below:


Original prompt: In the quantum world, stability is a synonym for death. Stability means no movement, which is synonymous with a dead system. Think of how many people and organizations “lust” for the peace and safety in a universe that does everything it can to upset the stable and create the conditions for movement and change.
Provide a brief summary describing your thoughts on the above statement.

Stability is synonymous with the death of a quantum system. There is a longing that populations and societies seek to achieve in regard to stability. There seems to be a comfort in consistency. The desire for stability transcends to other primates as well, not just humans and organizations (Dunbar, 2020). Stability does not always mean stable in a positive sense either, a society, organization or person can be stable, or unchanged, but in a poor sense. For example, in medicine, a patient with a chronic/stable illness does not necessarily indicate the condition is well managed, it only suggests the condition and patient are not deteriorating. This principle of stability even transcends to the molecular world. There is a molecular desire for chaos (Ribeiro et al., 2021), and a desire to change between states when confronted with certain conditions. If humans, organizations and societies truly seek stability, there is a lack of desire than to change, adapt and to grow. It would be difficult to imagine a scenario where a comfortable individual would seek out instability in order to better or change oneself. Human desires for stability may stem from wanting what is not possible. The universe is constantly in a dynamic state and does not promote stability. When a person or organization states that they seek stability, it is likely they are using the term stability, but truly mean security, which leads to control. The true form of stability that humans seek is control, it seems to go against human nature to possess the capability to not be in control of one’s self, security and surroundings. Humans and even organizations, are rather complex in nature, and seek a wide variety of services from the universe, which include, but not limited to, security and control with relationships, career paths and health. The world or universe may constantly be in a changing state, and that is contrary to what humans and organizations seem to desire. The lust for stability is understandable, as it is a tool to attempt to achieve control and manage one’s surroundings.
Dunbar, R. I. M. (2020). Structure and function in human and primate social networks: implications for diffusion, network stability and health. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 476(2240), 20200446.
‌Ribeiro, M., Henriques, T., Castro, L., Souto, A., Antunes, L., Costa-Santos, C., & Teixeira, A. (2021). The entropy universe. Entropy, 23(2), 222.

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