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May 01, 2023

Both the articles fail to include the concern of race and ethnicity in dominating the thinking or perspectives of both men and women in dealing with their sexual health and also the concern of sexual orientation, gender and assigned sex. The paper has been mostly concerned with the idea of sex from a normative and hetero sexual point of view and thereby there has been a concern towards reproduction and unwanted pregnancies. However, the articles have failed to include how these areas of concern adhere to the people of different sexual orientation who might encounter or experience these issues in a different manner. The concerns of the paper on the women sexual health have been one sided in this regard. All the areas of concerns that comes under its account like the relationship, romance, routine and pleasure, all has been discussed in a generalized form. Sex has been looked at from the perspective of intercourse and thereby could not take into account the idea of sexual intimacy in its broader context (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2022).

Same goes for the men sexual health as well. The paper does not discuss how men deals with the non-normative sexuality and the body dysphoria that they might encounter. Rather it is very narrowed down in its concern when it discusses about the obsession of the men with the size of the penis and their tendency to use penis enlargement device to attain the desirable size of their penis. Another area of concern in this regard is with the idea of gender and assigned sex that both the articles indulge in. The articles consider ‘woman’ and ‘man’ from a very stereotypical sense with assigned biological gender into consideration. However, it does not include the ones who are not biological men or women and thereby might include issues regarding to their sexual health and perspective other than the general normative concern. The articles or reports are thereby not broader and inclusive in its concern when it is about dealing with the idea of sex and thereby remains confined and limited within the idea of sex from a heteronormative perspective solely (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2022).


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