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May 10, 2023
Question :

Company`s name- Tesco

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. Tesco is a British supermarket chain of the United Kingdom. Identify the role of management and its various types that contributes in the operational activity of the company.
  2. Examine the scope of management in the process of decision making of the Tesco company.

 Demonstrate the significance of business operation and its relevance in strategic planning of the Tesco company

Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


The definition of business operation can be stated as the every activity that happen in a company in order to keep a company running along with earning money. For the functioning of the organization, the need of processes, people, equipment and systems are been understood by the owner of the company and it further dedicates the different operations in the company according to the business plan.

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