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Oct 05, 2023

Assignment Question

Write a reflection paper on how introverted people can become effective leaders without changing their personalities. What other traits should they possess to offset their reserved natures? Papers should provide real-life examples. 4. Reflect on the following questions, choosing three to write about in a 2–3 page essay: What moves you? What kind of issues do you deeply care about? How do you typically become inspired? 5. In order to be effective and ethical leaders, people need to lead balanced lives. Leaders slide into destructive patterns when they become overly self- absorbed and disregard the rights of others and seek power over them. Write a 2–3-page paper examining how you balance the various areas of your lives (personal, family, friendships, work, community, spirituality, or values). Where do you spend the most time? Which areas need more attention? What compromises are you making? Who holds you accountable for your behavior in each of these areas?

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