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May 05, 2023
  • Question: Write a report for finance research methods, The effects of Board Composition on Corporate Social Responsibility (Quantitative)

    Investigate the relationship between Board Composition and Corporate Social Responsibility. The literature review will be on ‘Board Composition and Corporate Social Responsibility`

    Data collection and analysis: You will need to choose 2 industry sectors and the 5 companies from each sector. Gather data over a five-year period relating to Board Composition (board size, board independence, board gender diversity, board tenure, etc) and the Corporate Social Responsibility (e.g. ESG score/rating) of each company. You should analyse how board composition might affect Corporate Social Responsibility. Then make comparisons between the two sectors. Relate your findings to the literature review.

    Attched Collected data for two industries in the UK ( Pharmaceuticals and Oil and Gas)


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