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Mar 31, 2023

IY014 Repeat Information System Analysis & Design Assignment Task Description:

Sunderland Cruise Ships organises cruises in Europe, North America and the Far East. During the cruise, the ship docks at various ports. Although passengers are free to explore the ports themselves, the company offers excursions of interest in the port. Once the passengers have booked their cruise, they are in a position to book the excursions related to the cruise. The passengers can either book the excursions online, by phone or in person once the cruise has started. There are a restricted number of places on the excursions and so when they are full up the person goes on a waiting list to see if anyone pulls out of the excursion. Once a person has booked tickets for the excursion their details are stored and they are provided with further information on what will be involved. There will be recommendations on clothing and footwear to bring and whether food is provided. If a person does cancel a booking within 2 weeks of the excursion they will receive a refund minus a £20 admin charge per seat booked.

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