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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : IY413 Marketing In The Operational Context
Assessment weighting: 30%
Assignment Type : Case Study Report
Expected word count: You are expected to write 1500 words for the report (+/-10% allowed) following the structure above.
Assessment Instructions :
What do you need to do for this assessment?
Using a company from the list below, conduct a performance analysis of this company focusing on its performance objectives, consumer choice and any major macro-environmental challenges it is facing.
IY413 Marketing In The Operational Context Assignment – Kaplan International Pathways UK.

Your report should include the following sections and, where appropriate, refer to appropriate theories.


2.Performance Objectives:
Describe how the company’s performance objectives are being addressed.

3.Customer Analysis:

  • Identify the consumer group(s).
  • Identify the consumers’ choice criteria.
  • Explain the consumers’ purchasing process

4.Marketing Environmental Trend Analysis:

1.Identify any key challenges and changes facing the company using the PESTLE framework.

2. A SWOT analysis highlighting key issues and opportunities for change using the results of the PESTLE and customer analyses.

3.Focus on the application of PESTLE framework (no need to explain the framework itself in detail).

5.Recommendations on Marketing Strategy
1.Recommendations on how to approach the marketing strategy in light of your analysis (performance objectives and macro- analysis).

1.Summarise briefly the main conclusions of this report.

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

1.Theme 1 – Introduction to marketing and operations management
2. Theme 2 – Performance objectives
3.Theme 3 – Marketing segmentation and targeting
4.Theme 4 – Market positioning
5.Theme 5 – Micro environment
6.Theme 6 – Macro environment
7.Theme 7 – Value & competitive analysis
8.Theme 8 – Competitive advantage and strategy

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