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Unit code :- J/505-1096
Unit 423 :- Teaching in a Specialist Area
Level : 4
Credit value : 15 credits
Guided Learning Hours : 50
Qualification :- Unit number and title Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training
J/505-1096 Teaching In A Specialist Area Assignment – UK.

Scenario :-
You are recently appointed as lecturer to a new college that has the capacity to expand and bring transformation to life A subject specialist is required to deliver and create motivation for the students. This is a good institution with a diverse class profile.This is your first contact in the new school and the management staff is readily available to support you in all aspects of the school’s policy and expectations. You are responsible to demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and to deliver the course with respect to the quality assurance framework. You should be able to demonstrate creativity in your delivery. You are also expected to assess the students to reflect their skill enhancement and development.

Note: You are required to review recent articles, books and other relevant literature. Wikipedia is strictly not allowed for references to answer any part of the task given. You must reflect practical understanding of each question and are required to provide candid academic references of any evidence you have in relation to the answer.

Task 1: Report
You are required to demonstrate understanding of the aims and philosophy of education and training in your specialist area. In order to do this, you are required to;

1.1 Explain key aims of education and training in your own specialist area
1.2 Analyze philosophical issues relating to education and training in your own specialist area

Task 2: Report
You are required to respond to the following questions with regards to qualifications and programmes in the subject areas;

2.1 Describe the aims and structure of key qualifications in own specialist area
2.2 Describe the aims and structure of learning programmes in own specialist area
2.3 Explain how own approach to planning and preparation for the delivery of a learning programme in own specialist area enables its aims to be met

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