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Sep 19, 2023

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the fundamental concepts of concurrency and parallelism in the design of a concurrent system
  2. Apply the concepts of concurrency and parallelism in the construction of a system using a suitable programming language.
  3. Explain the safety aspects of multi-threaded and parallel systems

Case Study

The Problem

This part of the assignment will require you to implement the airport simulation, as broken down in the sections below.

The management of an airport thinks that how the airport is operated means that incoming flights must spend too much time waiting for landing clearance. To evaluate the
situation a simulation of the airport has been commissioned. This simulation will simply run with text output describing the events as they occur in the airport and collect a minimal amount of statistical data.

Intention of assignment

Even if valuable to the owner, the simulation is not the main purpose of this assignment – indeed, if this was the case there are much better techniques for simulating than writing a concurrent program.
This assignment requires implementing a program in which synchronization and communication take place between several concurrent processes. It is intended to force you to solve (and not simply avoid) a range of interesting synchronization problems.

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