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Apr 18, 2024

Assignment Task

Kiosk for picking time slot for G, G2 drive test: (Continue from assignment 4, make sure it is working correctly)

In this application you will simulate some of the actions that you perform in Drive test center. But here you have greater flexibility to pick the time of your choice. You will also develop an extension of this application by adding few other user interfaces to perform different actions. Mainly entire application consists of following parts:

1. Driver Interface (a person who wants to take G2/G license)

2. Examiner Interface (a person who takes driver’s exam)

3. Admin (a person who adds schedules and other stuff in the portal)


  • Start updating functionality, add anything missing from the previous requirements
  • Please put more effort in having all previous requirements done
  • Now modify G page so that user can pick the time slot and book an appointment,
  • Add the Examiner side of view in the application
  • Modify the Login UI, so that now from drop down user can select Examiner as well
  • Add newer middleware so that the newer view can only be accessed by Examiner only o If you signup as driver you can see G2_page, G_page o If you signup as examiner you can see Examiner tab
  • If you signup as Admin you can see Appointment tab
  • On the examiner page you can see the list of appointment or the driver ready for the drive test
  • Also, Examiner may want to filter data to see only people looking to G2 test or G test
  • For this to work, again you need to modify User collection, add one more field TestType 
  • If user adds data from G2_page => TestType = “G2”
  • If user adds data from G_page => TestType = “G”
  • Examiner pick one and it will display the details of the driver
  • Display limited information about Driver ie (Name, Car details etc) o Once driver is selected, Examiner may add comment about the Drive Test (At this point you may assume that Examiner took the drive test and offer comment etc)
  • Also, Examiner could be able to mark Driver as Pass/Fail (Boolean variable to check if Driver passed the test or not)
  • For this project, you need to modify User Model to hold TestType (G2 or G), Comment, Pass/Fail data
  • Now you again modify the Admin view so that Admin can list pass/fail candidates so that he can issue order to create Driver License to external vendor. (You don’t need to worry about vendor part). Just add functionality so that Admin can list Pass/Fail candidates
  • Now login with the same Driver whose DriveTest completed recently, and verify the comment added by Examiner and check the status PASS/FAIL
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