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Oct 14, 2023


I. Watch the following YouTube video: "Active Shooter Preparedness: Options for Consideration" and "RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English".

1. What specific actions do they suggest that you take if you are involved in an active shooter situation?

2. List the three main things we should do to be safe.

3. List at least five other suggestions they make to be safe in an active shooting situation.

4. Think about students that have different types of possibilities.

5. Identify at least five problems that might occur during an active shooter situation and how students with disabilities may or may not be able to respond. REMEMBER - there are many different disabilities, each with its own complications.

II. Watch the following YouTube video: "Here`s what an active shooter drill for 4th graders looks like".

1. What are your overall thoughts/reflections about this video and the responses of the students and teachers?

2. Do they discuss students with special needs?

III. Read the following three articles about some issues with school shootings. Provide four specific examples from each of the articles.

1. "Disabled Students Are Left Behind In School Shooting Responses" by Valerie Novack.

2. "Classroom Barricade Devices: A Dangerous Violation of Federal Laws" by Robert Boyd

3. "Schools Aren`t Preparing Students With Disabilities for Active Shooter Scenarios" by Jordan Davidson.

IV. Read the following article: "Supporting Students with Disabilities During School Crisis".

Identify at least 10 recommendations these authors suggest for preparing teachers for an active shooter situation. This is an excellent article and should be saved for future use.

V. Read the article "Lockdown curtains and drill bags. Preparing for school shootings is now just another part of a teacher`s day." By AJ Willingham and list the four suggestions that were suggested in the article.

Active Shooter Training Documentation.

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