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Jul 18, 2023

Part 1
Question 1
Amy is an employee in the Department of Education. She commenced her employment on the 1st March 2023 in the accounts section of the Department of Education. Since starting in her role, Amy’s line manager, Sarah, requests Amy to process receipts weekly. These receipts are for meals in various restaurants in Dublin. Sarah explains to Amy that these meals are lunches with consultants for a project that is currently being undertaken by the Department of Education. On the assessment of the receipts, Amy notices that some of the receipts are dated and timed for Saturday evenings.

Amy is concerned that Sarah is trying to claim expenses for personal meals. She wishes to raise her concern about this issue but it not sure who to speak to. Amy approaches you as her legal advisor to seek advice on this. She is also anxious about Sarah retaliating against her for coming to you with her concern.

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