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Apr 03, 2023

Module Code :-   M22004
Title :-  Poster Supply Chain Management
Assignment Type :-  Coursework 2
The poster is individual work and is worth 70% of your mark for the supply chain module. You should prepare a poster addressing the brief shown below.
M22004 Poster Supply Chain Management Coursework 2 – UK

This is not an essay assignment, and posters that contains too much text will be marked down. You should concentrate on producing high quality analysis supported by a spread sheet. This should be presented as technical tables and illustrations.

The deadline is 13/01/2023 and your poster should be submitted on Moodle using any electronic format accepted by Moodle. Typically this will be a poster in a pdf Word Power point or Publisher format. Your poster should be designed as an A3 landscape format or larger. You can include as much additional information in the Excel file as you want.

Background :-
In this coursework you should expand on the idea that you have proposed in coursework 1 in terms of improving a supply chain. You have to follow a set process described below so make sure that you address all aspects of the brief to earn a maximum amount of marks. Do not skip a requirement altogether!

M22004 Poster Supply Chain Management Coursework 2 – UK

Brief :-
Your task is to show on a poster a detailed business case for your proposed improvement which should include the economic feasibility of that improvement. All concepts covered in the lectures and tutorials in the first 7 weeks of the module should be applied. The structure of your poster is free but it is recommended that you make sure that you cover the following points:

1. Provide a general introduction to your supply chain and the industry that it operates in.
This should include an original supply chain map.

The supply chain map should clearly show the end user and all the supply nodes stock points and transportation modes.

2.Scoping of your poster. Improving a supply chain can be a broad task so you need to
scope down your poster to focus on a specific improvement initiative that can be researched and assessed for this coursework. If your scope is too wide, your poster’s
content could be too generic and the analysis too complex which could lead to a fail

Make sure your scope is explicit in your poster and in your Excel file.

M22004 Poster Supply Chain Management Coursework 2 – UK

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