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Apr 01, 2023

Subject Code & Title : M22008 Computational Fluid Mechanics
Assessment Type : Assignment
M22008 Computational Fluid Mechanics Assignment – Portsmouth University UK.

Investigation of air flow over an aero foil
Perform a CFD simulations in two-dimensions of an aerofoil at an air speed of 50 m/s and present a report on its performence. In your report you should include details of the simulation such as grid shape and size, grid convergence, residual behaviour, and the input parameters for the simulation. You should also present the results of your simulations indicating aspects such as air flow over the wing section, pressure variations and lift and drag coefficients. In particular you should investigate and compare the performance of the wings at different angles of attack.

A number of different shapes are available from

where you can view the shape of the aerofoil as well as download a data file. Wing shapes obtained from elsewhere can also be used.

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