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Sep 16, 2023



To create a report and dashboard of sales analytics. Also, using the power bi technique, different customer types, product groups, and trend analysis over the year.

Task lists

No Task Marks

1. This is the data for the assignment

2. Establish the data modelling. 10

3. Graphical Analysis using Filter / Slicer, which contains all the measurable dimensions. 40

a. Graphical Chart Analysis – Overall Trend Chart
b. Graphical Chart Analysis by Customer Type
c. Graphical Chart Analysis for Product Type
d. Graphical Chart Analysis for Customer Code

4. Dashboard Report Analysis.

a Analyze the performance over time series for all measurable variables. State your observation

b Analyze the performance for the year 2021

c. Data observed in 4b determines the potential customer code with the highest customer return. Display the dashboard graph to prove the finding and update the report.

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