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Apr 10, 2023

Assessment :-  Analytical Report:
Module Title :- Managing Business Performance
Level :- 5
Word Limit :- 2.500
Question 1: Companies operating in an advanced manufacturing environment are finding that about 90% of a product’s Life Cycle costs and monitor spending at the early Stages of the Life Cycle. Required:
Managing Business Performance Assessment

Task 1.1:
Explain the nature of the product Life Cycle concept explain product’s life cycle stages and give real life example and its impact on businesses operating in an advanced manufacturing environment.

TASK 1.2:
Explain Life Cycle Costing (explain, not only define it) and State what distinguishes it from more traditional management accounting practices. (Do not use tabular format here).

Task 1.3:
Explain briefly the concept of activity-based management and 2 benefits that its adoption could bring for a business.

Managing Business Performance Assessment

Question 2:
Task 2.1:
Explain the Benefits of Adopting a Target Costing approach at an early stage in the product development process.

Task 2.2:
Explain why incremental budgeting is a common method of budgeting and outline the main problems with such an approach.

Task 2.3:
Discuss how a throughput accounting ratio can be used as a control measure.

Task 2.4:
Briefly describe 4 management accounting techniques for the identification and allocation of environmental costs:
– Lifecycle costing
– ABC – activity base costing
– From cost accounting
– Input-output

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