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Aug 23, 2023


Malaysia has used renewable energy technology such as biomass, solar and hydro energy for power generation, yet, we are still far behind other countries which have started to optimize tidal for similar production. Tidal power is a renewable source of energy and would decrease the need for fossil fuels for electricity production and aids in combating the effects of climate change. As an engineer, you are required to evaluate a suitable location for the generation of Tidal power in Sarawak.

  1. a) Propose a suitable location for Tidal power generation in Sarawak, state the five (5) criteria taken into consideration and explain the advantages of tidal power compared to other renewable energy.
  2. b) Based on your answer in part (a), select any type of tidal power generation system suitable for the proposed location; include a sketch diagram of the tidal power generation system, the working mechanism and justification for choosing the system.
  3. c) Design an overview diagram of the electrical conversion and transmission system into grid for the proposed tidal power generation system and describe the function of each conversion and transmission.
  4. d) Evaluate three (3) possible environmental impacts and two (2) potential implementation challenges from the proposed tidal power generation system project compared to wave, bioenergy, and hydroelectricity system.


From the study executed, you are required to critically analyze and evaluate the impact of tidal and hydro-power plants compared to the following energy resources on the environmental and socio-economic aspects.

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