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May 01, 2023

Report on how to the regional marketing director would striges the communication plan with the stakeholders.

Understanding the stakeholders interest groups and essentially communicating with them is an invaluable skill that are needed for the overall success of the project (Hadro et al., 2021). In this particular project where the park is to be reopened, there are certainly a smaller number of stakeholders that will be involved in the process.

The internal stake holder of the park can therefore be identified as the employees(managers), and the external employees can be identified as the government bodies and the local non-governmental organizations of the company (Lee et al 2021).

The internal stakeholders can be identified like the employees of the park who can be the manager of the designated park. The manager therefore serves a high interest as a stakeholder in the park. He would e remunerated accordingly for managing the park therefore the managers of the park serve for the internal and high interest group of the internal stakeholders. They can be communicated by recruiting from the data sources from the business schools and management bodies.

The stake holders like the non-governmental organization of the area play a significantly medium interest in the park reopening. They can play a major role in the reopening criteria by establishing essential events to promote the park reopening. The manager can essentially communicate with them and regulate the required efforts needed for the process. They can be communicated with the help of the emails and physical talks verbally. Another very important stakeholder can be the financer of the park; without the financer it would be impossible for the manager to further proceed with the because the financer is the main stakeholder in the organization. They can be easily communicated by effective email marketing strategies. By following the key financers in the market, they can also find the effective financer for the park. The government bodies also serve interest in this process but is relevantly low as compared to the other stakeholders as a whole. They can be communicated by the appointment letters and the MLA referrals.

Therefore, this can be the three types of stakeholders that can play a major role in the park reopening and the manager is essentially responsible for directing all the various works he is needed to do.

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