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May 18, 2023
      1. CO-PO Mapping: 

        • Critically analyze the steady state performance of a power system.
        • Model a comprehensive power system according to standards that are suitable for power system study using appropriate analytical software.

        As a planning engineer, you are required to provide recommendations for the five-bus power system as shown in Figure 1, to ensure that the system is adequate for any base case or first contingency loading situation.

        1. From the power flow standpoint, propose a solution to make sure the system is operating within acceptable voltage limits. Refer to the Malaysian Grid Code for the operating voltage limit.
        2. Analyze the fault currents and voltages for a bolted single line-to-ground fault at Bus 1 to Bus 5. The pre-fault voltage is 1.05 p.u. A neutral reactance equal to 0.0025 p.u is connected to the Generator 2 neutral.
          Machine, line, and transformer data are given in Tables 5, 6, and 7. Note that the neutrals of both transformers and Generator 1 are solidly grounded, as indicated by a neutral reactance of zero for this equipment.
        3. Evaluate the circuit breaker ratings for the 345 kV transmission lines and 15/345 kV transformers. The circuit breaker ratings should be adequate for interrupting the fault current associated with any type of fault.
        4. Determine system modifications to replace Bus 3’s machine with a new wind
          farm. The wind farm is expected to have a capacity factor of at least 70% of the system loading. Evaluate system performance while keeping a load of each line and transformer at 100% of its MVA limit.
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