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Apr 05, 2023

Unit Title :- Methodologies For Project Management (PRINCE 2)
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Formative Assessment :- The formative aspects will help students enhance their skills in applying PRINCE2® principles and practices by providing opportunities for feed back and self reflection.For example since the PRINCE2® exam is available on-line from ILX web you may take it as many times as you like hopefully improving each time. Please follow the feedback available on ILX and revisit the sessions to address the knowledge gaps.
Methodologies For Project Management (PRINCE 2) Assignment – UK

Summative Assessment
This module is assessed by individual coursework. The weighting is 100% course work. See details below.

Coursework Assignment Brief :-
The course work assignment (3000-3500W) for the Methodologies for Project Management PRINCE2 module is an INDIVIDUAL assignment based on ONE of the following:
i) Project of your choice/you current engaged
ii) Project idea you choose from media
iii) A case study

Project of Your Choice/You Currently Engaged
You can choose to write PID for any project you would like to develop in the future. It also could be a project that you currently work on as part of your employment. You can consult with your employer and learn the project they would like to initiate and use the materials for that project for your assignment. Please note that ethical considerations should be followed in the PID.

Project Idea from Media
You can consider writing about the project that you read/came across in the media that inspired you and you want to consider as future development. However please consider to develop a nuance and personalise it (e.g. a specific target population location etc.). The work should be individual and address the course requirements. Please consider the intellectual property of the source while presenting the ideas.

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