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May 01, 2023



The following essay will contribute to my individual approach on presenting the report based on the role Cambridge Analytics played in the latest American presidential election and will also talk about the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom. The essay will include the thematic approach of self-realization and conclusion while conducting this research. The essay will contribute my views on the topic and the outcomes I have learned while doing this assignment. The essay will denote the future roles I have planned after realizing the circumstances and the action plan that I have decided to follow for future growth and responsibilities. The essay will preferably argue about the impact of technological factors and unethical behaviour presented by social media platforms in the present American election and will also brief my approach on the topic and outcomes and results I gained from analyzing the topic. The essay will also include other frameworks that I have studied and gained knowledge about throughout this assignment. The use of the unethical approach in political marketing and its causes and benefits and how this results in harming the privacy of an individual data. The essay will be discussed the difficulties and the analysis of the report while doing this assignment and how this experience can help me in the future to bring growth and efficiency in the performance of self-assessment. The essay will argue about the various level of technological impact in political marketing and the consequences of technology in different fields regarding corporate responsibility and ethical behaviours. (Osiobor, 2022).


Social media has played a prominent role in the communication of news and messages in our society. People are using social media for approaching individuals through technology media and also used by people to get in touch with each other digitally. Technology is very much required for bringing efficiency in life while providing more information and statistical data. These platforms have connected the whole world in one place where people are sharing and receiving news from different parts of the world. I have learned that technology has helped people in connecting and receiving information but misleading technology can put a huge impact on people`s lives. We always believe in the things we see but don’t represent the consequences and never try to know the reason behind it. ( Mirjanic and Cosabic, 2017).  I have learned that political marketing is not only used in practice where leaders present their views to people and representatives are chosen based on merit. After researching I found out that technology is now been used as a weapon in diverting the minds of the voters through spreading hate about opponents in communities finally leading to misinformation. The same thing has happened when I was making the report of the data breach cases of Facebook users by Cambridge Analytica. ( Ward, 2018). I have learned that companies do say that maintaining the confidentiality of the users and data of the users will be protected, and this trust of ethical behavior has put millions of people in danger. Normally we are sharing our information on Facebook without thinking about the bigger picture that can occur in our life. Talking about myself I always believed that my personal information and data is maintained and safely handled in any social media portal because of policies. But I have seen based on my interests I am receiving ads and suggestions and these things are happening because of tracking of user experience and history which is enabling brands in gathering data of the users. (Nelson and Simek, 2012). Well, this is legal but the way Cambridge Analytica has performed is illegal. Cambridge Analytica has unethically accessed the data of 87 million people to provide benefits to the political party. This influencing strategy of providing fake and misleading news diverted many voters from voting for their favourite person. I expected that this influencing strategy by adapting illegal approaches and unethical behaviour will put a huge impact on society. (Berghel, 2018). I learned from the research that after this scandal fake news circulation to diverse the perception of the customers has become common in political field advertising. Ethical behavior and the correct form of presenting news will help us make our society more valuable in making decisions. I had experienced that users` fears are used by these companies in the promotion of fake news. In my opinion, the true duty and core value of every company are to provide true and actual data to the customers rather than using their pain point for earning huge money from political parties, ( Hofacker, 2018). Cambridge Analytica and Brexit have misguided the people by providing news that can be threatening to the growth of the country. Instead, proper surveys and interviews should be conducted by the companies for getting the true opinions of the people. Brand loyalty and reputation are very much required by the company for customer retention. In my opinion, if any unethical thing has happened by the company, then it should apologize to its customers and should maintain the formality of providing valuable information to the customers. But instead, both Cambridge Analytica and Brexit refused to present themselves in front of the authorities and have also threatened the other firms in providing the news to the public. (Busch and Matthes, 2016). I have learned data analytics is very much important today as companies can gather information and can help the customers in meeting their requirements but in this can misuse of technology lead to data breaches and personal pieces of information being leaked in order to provide profitability to a right-wing political party. Brand image and reputation are only used by these companies to gain profitability and not help the voters to get the right information. My feelings suggest that never believe the news until the credibility and sources of the news are verified as these companies use our viewpoint to change the course of the election and spread panicking which results in the loss of our own merits. ( Isaak and Hanna, 2018).  I believe Cambridge Analytica and Brexit should have used accurate data and information to the users ultimately helping them in gaining brand loyalty and adequately promoting brand awareness. ( Cadwalladr and Graham-Harrison, 2018).

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