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May 01, 2023


Situation Analysis Of Altius Golf

Evelyn Gracie was appointed as CEO to help the company`s profitability and sales remain stable.

Evelyn Gracie and Austin Kai, her chief marketing officer, devised a plan.

Elevate Technique was the term given to this strategic plan.

The golf ball market in the United States was $483 million in retail sales in 2012, with 17.6 million units sold.

They wanted to concentrate on the international market, as it is where they had dropped its most sales, as per their approach.

Victor TX, Victor, and Elevated were the three varieties of golf balls offered by Altius.

Types Of Golf Balls

uVictor TX: There are two types of golf balls. One had the ability to travel large distances, and the other had the ability to feel the grass. The cost per dozen would be $48.

Victor: There will be two sorts in this ballpark: one that is good at covering ranges and the other that is good at being handled. It would be worth $39 for a dozen.

Elevated: This is a brand-new product on the market, priced at $27 a dozen and available in four varieties:

Swing is quick.

Swing is in the middle.

Swing slowly.

Offering that deviates from the norm.

Insight Of Altius Golf

As this is a low-cost product, the Elevated version may only be available in off-course markets.

Retailers that previously received a 15% profit for exhibiting and selling Altius items will now receive a 20% margin for selling Elevate.

Elevate will be exhibited with Victor TX and Victor, which are well-known and appreciated by the players, in addition, to retaining the company`s prestige and relevance.

Problem Of Altius Golf

During the recession, golfers reduced their expenditure on golf balls, and this tendency has had a negative impact on the golf business.

Competitors offered similar offers, whereas Altius provided all of these attributes in various kinds and sorts.

When compared to other golf balls, Altius Golf balls are more pricey.

For failing to fulfill USGA regulation standards, Altius Golf`s goodwill may be harmed by USGA terms and conditions.

The number of professional players has reduced throughout the recent recession.

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