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Assignment Task

This assignment builds on the information discussed in the classes and seminars. The aim of the assignment is to gain knowledge about their local residential (housing) property market and how to examine properties within their local market. On completion of A-1 you will have prepared a property website/blog that is much like real-world property websites.

1. Local Market Data : (Pick a property market/area to write about.)

a. Writing: Discuss the ‘surrounding’ housing market (the area that will be around your chosen property). For example, write about where are the shops/amenities? are they clustered or not? what/where are the transport options (PT and private), workplaces, schools, sport grounds, the city-center and other significant local landmarks?

What other unique aspects about the local area are significant and may affect property values?

E.g.: average income of residents, significant economic landmarks, beaches, status, universities, topography, specific schools, etc. You may also mention negative aspects, like traffic congestion.

Describe the general housing style. Include the general era/age, density and layout, condition, etc. Include other data such as the Council name and size, the topography, climate, etc.

This is an objective and descriptive report, not a sales report. Rather than ‘talk-up’ the local area, the key here is to give an objective, factual and detailed description of the area.

For this section, it may help to consider describing the area as though you are describing it to someone from out-of-town who is asking what the area is like. Describe it to them in detail.

The use here of tables, graphs, etc., is most beneficial to your presentation and succinctness.

Write in the 3 rd person. (Do not use the word ‘I’)

b. Map: In this section of your report include a map of the area with key local features pinned. Be sure to watch the seminar where we explain/show what a valuable map looks like. Be sure to also include elements of the local market/area that would be particularly appealing to short-term-stay guests. E.g., train station, major sports ground, beach, parks, easy city-access, foodie districts, concert venues, etc. You may choose to include interactive IT tools in this map section also. Be sure the map is large enough to read (including main street names) and that it is labelled clearly.

2. Identify 2 residential properties in this area: one house (free-standing) and one unit/apartment.

Note: For the unit you select, the property must have the potential to generate income as a short-term stay property. E.g.: via ‘Airbnb’, ‘Stayz’ etc.

a. Discuss the professional and judicious process you took in locating, inspecting, and selecting each property. This means to explain, in professional tones, why you chose the properties you chose. I.e., are they typical of the area? What were the parameters that helped you select them? How did you find them? This task is short but important.

b. Describe each property including both the land and the building. (See the discussion board for a tip on land.) Include 3-5 photos of each property, including front view/street view and a key feature. Include any other relevant information, such as any over-shadowing by neighboring properties. Photos should be smallish and well presented.

A mention of planning/zoning/overlays is optional for A-1 (as this will be done in A-2).

This task (task 2) appears to be simple, so consider different ways to add additional value to your work. Consider your presentation and visual style as there are many ways to add value.
See the ‘Visual guide’ PPT in the unit site for visual value-add tips.

Look at and for other style/presentation and layout ideas. The use here of tables, graphs, etc., is very beneficial. We expect to see a table full of detailed information about the property.

NOTE: this task is not a sales-pitch (you don’t need to ‘talk up’ the properties.) Be descriptive.

c. Briefly state why the unit (apartment) could successfully be rented for short term stays.

E.g.: perhaps it has secure parking, is close to a train station, has a great view, has safe access from the street, and/or is close to a popular beach or city-center.

d. Include a locational map, including key local amenities and your 2 residential properties too. If appropriate, you may use the same map from Task 1, now with your properties added also.

3. Financial information website page

a. How typical are your property market and properties?

Compare your property market area with the Australian residential property market over-all, by filling a table of comparative information, using the template below.
Good tables will have clear and accurate info and will allow the two markets to be compared.

b. Rates.

Mention the current (RBA’s) cash rate as well as a few examples of current residential lending rates. Give the name of lenders and their loan type and interest rate.
Make a comment about current rates and how they ‘sit in the property market’.

c. Financial notes

In the financial page, include pertinent financial information you found from you research. Focus on financial info will be useful for A-2, such as sale prices of properties, annual rentals, annual yield/return/ROIs, estimated reasonable occupancy rate (%) for the short-term stay options, etc. Look for any data that compares potential annual property income as a long-term (permanent) rental to short-stay rental.

Show your understanding of property financials as relates to the properties and property markets.

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