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Oct 21, 2023

Assignment Question

Take a position on how the United States should deliver healthcare: Free, Universal Keep status quo-insurance companies as intermediaries Privatize Other suggestion Provide research to back your position: Data from other countries Cost to individuals and government How many Americans will be covered? How many won’t? Anticipated healthcare outcomes Prescription costs Changes for healthcare professionals Overall effect on budget-increase or decrease spending? Pros and cons of your system Meets 1200 word minimum Takes a position and supports it with objective evidence Does not include “I” statements Incorporates credible evidence such as statistics, data, or quotes from experts but does not include your opinion Is proofread with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling It is well-organized with similar topics together Includes relevant vocabulary from your readings Includes transitions to assist with flow and readability APA Format Includes an APA (7th edition) formatted reference page with two scholarly sources as well as in-text citation.

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