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note: each discussion should be in 6 or 7 paragraphs each paragraph 6-7 sentences. separate discussion 6 from discussion 7.discussion 6Grade required: AMinimum 6 paragraphs (6-7 sentences per paragraph), Times New Roman, black, double-spaced. Attach the links to your sources at the bottom of your about the artist Kerry James Marshall here: Artsy – Kerry James MarshallLinks to an external site.Find three artworks online by Marshall that you find particularly interesting, lively, or moving. You may read museum information, watch videos or read internet articles to inform your description of your three chosen artworks. Be sure to list them by title (in italics) and date. Mix your description and critical reception of these artworks with the historical information found about them online, but be sure to put all outside information into your own words. No copy/paste.discussion 7grade required ASix paragraphs minimum (6-7 sentences per paragraph), Times New Roman, black font, 12 point, double-spaced. Attach all references as links at the bottom of your written submission.There is some controversy about the recent computer technology of Artificial Intelligence creating works of “art.” Some artists feel as if they can be replaced by the new technology. Some non-artists feel as if they can finally create art that is unexpected and better than they could produce themselves. Some think that the unpredictable nature of the images generated makes them interesting. Some believe that these images are not “art” at all.Read the article: CBS News – Art Created by Artificial IntelligenceLinks to an external site.Do you see a link between how artists feel today and how French Royal Academy artists felt about being replaced during the dawn of photographic technology during the 1840s? Do you believe that artists really are in danger of being replaced? Are A.I. images really art, and should they be considered as art, sold and given awards in art shows against human artists? Do you believe that there is a level of craftsmanship that must be present in “real” art that is missing here?Finally, attach an A.I. art image that you find particularly interesting, moving or strange, and explain how you feel about it.


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